It s born of an intuition of the eclectic artist Manuela Bramati (who is sometimes afraid of herself). Her "Janfree" friend had a beautiful, crimson hair on that day, reminding her of the famous painting by Gustav Klim Judith and Holofernes. The golden necklace with engraving of the corporate logo began to suffocate this one knew ... but it was not known yet that his "Holofernes" would have been a finite story here ... and that's why the eclectic artist Manuela Bramati ignored everything, had already seen what would have happened ... fear ... Jfree had already given a cut.

It should be noted that the painter Gustav Klimt also emerged on July 14 as the author of the famous Jfree Raster still under construction.


You will need:


A ironic friend:

Janfree Rastrelli  

Giuditta und Holfhernes

(Gustav Klimt)

Jfree Raster


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