The Emperor of Valdobbiadene, Nino Franco, (son of King First Franco), did not expect a gift like Royal ...

His last birthday was passed almost unnoticed, probably for the birth of his first grandchild: the Princess Virginia.

 When his son-in-law , Dr. Alexander and his daughter Marta, parents of the Princess, commissioned the work to “My Old”, they added that the work would undoubtedly put... in the winery ... (!?!)

                            To “My Old” took three  

                            seconds to focus on the

                            cellar, that is an

                            important place for a     

                            winery company, where

                            business is done, toast

                            and tasting, but for the first two seconds “My Old” had a moment suspension ...

(... What? .. Put in the cellar ...? ...! ...?)

We thank Ingres, author of  “Napoleon on his Throne Imperial “, which offered an opportunity to pass on to race Emperor Franco.

Nino Franco I of Valdobbiadene.

You will need:

An expressive pi
cture of the customer in digital photos


of the ‘ancestor

of the family favorite:

Napoleon on his Throne Imperial (Ingres)

Nino Franco I

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