The art director Roberta Facheris, aware that in his DNA allocating an amphibian love, became a collector of all modern reproductions depicting frogs.

Jutting also with her stoic spirit, to her knowledge of design, advertising, and marketing, has made the latter its main occupations. Imagine then the joy when the art, discovered in Ruperta, her noble ancestor, the same passions!

The distinguished the ‘500 italic Mannerist Agnolo Bronzino is the author the “Lady with a dog” work that best expressed the rigor, the aristocracy and the “good manners” of the ancestor Ruperta. 


You will need:

An expressive pi
cture of the customer in digital photos


of the ‘ancestor

of the family favorite:

Portrait of a Lady with Dog

(Agnolo Bronzino)

Ruperta Frogheris in Roncisbus


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